Latest update on Model Boating Pond

In my last post, I wrote about a gap in the temporary sheet metal dam which meant the water in the southern end of the Model Boating Pond could not be drained down. The contractors who installed the sheet-metal piles are back on site this week to fix this gap, which has been caused by one of the piles becoming de-clutched from the neighbouring pile.  The piling rig will be returning to the Heath to pull-out the de-clutched pile and put it back in, in its correct location. To enable the contractors to carry out this remedial work, the pontoons will also need to return along with a 25 ton tracked excavator which will be used to feed the pile to the piling rig.  This equipment should be arriving today and tomorrow and we are hoping the work to fix the temporary dam will be complete by the end of the week.

At Viaduct Pond, the paths on top of the dam have been reopened for public access. The remaining work will take place in August when the turf for the spillway is ready. The path will also be finished off at this time and a fence put up around the new outlet.

Viaduct from Viaduct Bridge.

Viaduct from Viaduct Bridge.

Path on Viaduct dam is now open to the public and will be finished in August.

Path on Viaduct dam is now open to the public and will be finished in August.

Works have also now started on Hampstead No. 2 and will begin at Vale of Health this week.

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