Update on de-watering Model Boating Pond

You may have noticed the water level in the southern end of Model Boating Pond has been going up and down over the last couple of weeks. This area should have been drained ready for the removal of silt and ultimately the construction of the raised dam, however there have been some issues with the temporary sheet piled dam which mean the water level is still at it’s existing level. This issue came to light when it became clear the water levels were not dropping as fast as they should have been after the pumps had been switched on.

The sheet piles were driven into the pond bed by a piling rig, but unfortunately, one of the piles has been pushed in at an angle leaving a hole in the dam. The contractors who installed the piles, came out to look at this last week and attempted to fix it, however when BAM Nuttall started the pumps again, it soon became clear that the fix had not worked. As a result the contractors have been asked to come back to site and to look at other solutions to solve this issue.

The hole is close to the middle of the sheet pile dam.

The hole is close to the middle of the sheet pile dam.

The contractor will be back on site tomorrow and I will keep you updated via the blog.

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