Temporary dam progresses at Model Boating Pond

The temporary sheet metal dam is now approximately one quarter complete. In the picture below you can see the crane  floating on large pontoons which enables it to feed the metal sheets to the piling rig.


You can see the installed piles at the left of the floating pontoon. The whole sheet pile dam should be complete by the end of June.

Top soil has now been stripped off a large area inside the work compound next to Model Boating Pond, making the landscape look quite different.021 028

A time-lapse camera has recently been installed. This will provide a live-feed of the works as they take place.


At Viaduct Pond, the first spillway is under construction. When complete this will be lined in grass so that it blends in with its surroundings.

Viaduct BAM 3rd June 2015 (9) Viaduct BAM 3rd June 2015 (2)

A headwall has also been installed, close to the existing outlet pipe. Work will continue at Viaduct Pond through the month of June.

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