Week 5 – progress

On Monday morning the work compound to the western edge of Model Boating Pond was sealed off, meaning the paths running adjacent to the western edge of the pond are now closed. The path is diverted, either around the eastern edge of the Model Boating Pond or around the western edge of the compound, where a new temporary path has been constructed.

Work has continued on the crane platform at Model Boating Pond. The crane is due to arrive in the week commencing 25 May 2015.


Crane platform at south-west corner of Model Boating Pond, under construction.

Protective earth bunds are being laid around the root protection zone of trees in the work compound so that they do not get damaged during the works.


Earth bund around root protection zone of copper beech.

Wooden stakes have been put in the ground to mark spillway dimensions and the dimensions of the island which is to be created next to Model Boating Pond.


Stake marking the edge of the spillway at Model Boating Pond – looking south.

Stakes marking the western-edge of the new island at Model Boating Pond (looking north).

Stakes marking the western-edge of the new island at Model Boating Pond (looking north).

The first of the sheet piles arrived on the Heath. These will be used to create temporary dams while the work takes place. They will be driven into place (using a silent-vibrationless technique) by a crane.

Sheet piles

Sheet piles

The sheet piles are being delivered to the Fairground site at East Heath and then loaded onto a tractor and trailer for movement across the Heath.

Sheet piles loaded onto trailer.



Next week, work will start at Viaduct pond. Work at this pond includes a slight raising of the dam (200mm) and the creation of a 4m wide, grass lined spillway at the south-east corner of the pond. A new 500mm overflow pipe will also be added. Environmental mitigation includes de-silting (which will take place in winter), aquatic marginal planting and shrub planting. A path closure will be in place while this work takes place which will be approximately six to eight weeks. Further information can be found in my earlier blog post.

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