Week four of the Ponds Project

Last week marked four weeks since the project began, and work continued in the area to the west of Model Boating Pond.

The temporary path, which will border the western edge of the compound has been completed and is now open.


Work on the crane platform, at the south-west corner of the pond has started and will continue next week..

As stated in my previous post, the paths adjacent to the western edge of the pond are now closed as they are within the work compound.

This week there will be the first deliveries of sheet metal piles. These piles are being used to create a temporary dam at Model Boating Pond to allow the existing dam to be raised. The piles will be delivered to the Fairground Site, near East Heath and will then be transported across the Heath in a tractor and trailer.

The work compound at Viaduct Pond is also in the process of being set up. This is a relatively small compound as the works required here are minimal and it is anticipated they will take between 6-8 weeks. The work here includes a slight raising of the dam (200mm) and the creation of a 4m wide, grass lined spillway at the south-east corner of the pond. A new 500mm overflow pipe will also be added. Environmental mitigation includes de-silting (which will take place in winter), aquatic marginal planting and shrub planting.

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