Aqua Architects

Our Ponds Project Education Officer, Susie Glover,  talks about one of her four secondary education courses: Aqua Architects:

Of the four secondary education sessions that we have on offer the most popular is Aqua Architects. In this practical session students work in teams, applying their scientific knowledge and skills, to complete a rather soggy engineering task.

Each team is presented with a range of equipment. When faced with the prospect of an extreme amount of rainfall (a 1 litre measuring cylinder filled with water), their challenge is to control and channel that water from the pond in which it has been deposited (a small blue bowl) to a nearby river (a very large tray placed one and a half metres away).

Aqua Architects 2Aqua Architects 1

As I am sure you can imagine I have become very adept at spotting potential weak points in structures that we are about to test. I have even procured additional containers to catch water before it leaks onto the floor.

Once the wet work of testing the teams’ structures is completed we shift our focus to look at other factors that would have to be taken into consideration if this were a real life scenario.

This fun and challenging session is aimed at 11 to 16 year olds, though I have heard teachers lamenting the fact that they can’t have ago. Maybe I should encourage schools to put together an adult team to pit their wits against their students and take part in the challenge.

For anyone who wishes to know more about the free sessions that we have on off please do check out our website,

You can booked by emailing us at or telephone us on 0207 332 3738.

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