Two weeks in

As the second week of the Ponds Project draws to a close, plenty of activity has been happening around the Highgate Ponds. On Monday, the Pond box was demolished. This was a hut used to store tools and equipment. It was removed to make space for a temporary path diversion so that a veteran oak tree could be protected.IMG_1207

Delivery vehicles continued to bring material and equipment to the site. All delivery vehicles have banksmen, in buggies, at the front and the rear and travel at 5mph.


Fencing that will surround the work site on the hill west of Model Boating was erected. Every third panel has been left ‘see-through’ to enable visitors to watch as the project proceeds.




This area within this fenced area will eventually be off limits to the public, but for the next week or two the main path next to Model Boating Pond will remain open.


Construction began of a temporary path, made of crushed stone, at the western edge of the work compound. When the path next to Model Boating Pond is closed, this new path will be one of the diversions, the other taking you round the eastern edge of Model Boating Pond.

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