The first week on site

Week one of the Ponds Project is now drawing to a close. It’s been a slower start than planned, with deliveries only just making it to double figures, rather than the 43 predicted. This was caused by the reduction in size of vehicle. Smaller trucks were requested, so they would have less impact on the Heath, but these smaller truckswere not as readily available. Deliveries did start arriving on Thursday and Friday.

The main activities of the week involved the creation of a temporary compound by Model Boating Pond which is currently storing vehicles, fencing  and a staff welfare unit.IMG_1166IMG_1168IMG_1169

BAM Nuttall’s team have also been installing passing bays along the path from the tennis courts at Parliament Hill to the Model Boating Pond. These will allow vehicles and pedestrians to pass. To create these, the top soil is removed, a geo-textile layer is put in place and then crushed stone is placed on top. IMG_1172IMG_1174Passing bay under sonstructionFinished passing bay

The mound of top soil which sites around the passing bay will be seeded with grass seed. These passing bays will remain in place for the duration of the project and when the project is finished they will be removed and the grounds returned to its original state.

Next week a platform for a crane will be created, using crushed stone, next to Model Boating Pond.

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