Air Quality

Air quality will be monitored throughout the Ponds Project.

Monitoring devices have been installed on the Heath close to the area where the majority of work will take place – Model Boating Pond. Three were installed last week and the final unit is being installed today.

There are two live electronic TOPAS units and two Frisbee units.  The TOPAS monitors are discrete grey boxes mounted on the wall at the toilets and one further south on Millfield Lane. These locations have been agreed by Camden Council and are marked on the map below.

SK0074 - Dust monitoring locations

The Frisbee unit is mounted on a tripod and placed in an enclosure to protect it from vandalism.

Frisbee unit being installed in protective cabinet.

Frisbee unit installed in protective cabinet.

The Frisbee units are for qualitative purposes, as they allow for in-depth information on the makeup and distribution of particle types. There will be daily monitoring from the TOPAS monitors and monthly qualitative monitoring from the Frisbee units. The maximum daily measurement will be recorded from the TOPAS units. If an excess of particles is detected on the TOPAS unit, an alarm will be raised and BAM Nuttall’s Site Environmental Manager will be notified.

TOPAZ unity mounted on the wall at Millfield Lane toilets

TOPAS unit mounted on the wall at Millfield Lane toilets

If there is a concern that air quality is being affected by the project, BAM Nuttal will immediately employ techniques to reduce the amount of dust.

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