Ponds Project – the programme: week 1

Construction on the Ponds Project will begin next Monday – 13 April 2015. In the first week, BAM Nuttall will be building a platform for a crane from crushed stone, this will be located at the south-western corner of Model Boating Pond and the area will be fenced off. The area coloured in pink on this map, is the area which will be fenced off initially.

SK0051 - P4 Model works stage 1 rev1a

More crushed stone will be used to create temporary passing points at several locations on the main path which leads from Parliament Hill to Model Boating Pond. These will enable small vehicles to pass each other during the project without causing damage to the ground.

During this week there will be a number of vehicles entering and leaving through the Highgate Road entrance and travelling on the path which leads to Model Boating Pond. Large vehicles will be accompanied by banksmen – at front and back and they will be limited to a strict 5mph speed limit. Please be careful and pay particular attention to children and dogs. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Click on the below link for a detailed plan for the next two months (up until end of May 2015). You will see at the bottom of the chart,  the number of deliveries is noted per week, per entrance.

HHPP Mar 2015 lookahead

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