Keeping the Heath open for business

One of the main concerns from people who use and love the Heath, is that, during the construction phase of the Ponds Project,  the Heath will become a noisy and disrupted place – completely at odds with the peaceful haven it is now. When planning the construction work, every effort has gone into minimising disruption for our visitors and to ensure the Heath is still a wonderful open space for a walk, or a run or to just to sit and think.

In the past few weeks, vehicle movements and the delivery schedule associated with the project have been a hot topic with the City, our contractors – BAM Nuttall and the Community Working Group. As part of the planning conditions, there is a limit of 10 deliveries per day, per entrance which must be adhered to. With this in mind, BAM Nuttall have carefully worked out how many deliveries will be arriving on the Heath throughout the whole project. We’ll bring you regular updates on vehicle movements on this blog and also in a weekly email during the construction phase. If you would like to subscribe to this email, please send an email to: with ‘subscribe’ in the subject box.

In the first seven weeks of the project – from April 13 to May 29 – the Heath will be very busy with vehicles bringing the necessary material to the Model Boating Pond. These will mainly be using the Highgate Road entrance and will drive pass the tennis courts and turn right at the information office, before continuing up the path to Model Boating Pond.

We realise this is one of the most ‘well-worn’ routes on the Heath which is why we will have all large vehicles accompanied by two banksmen – at front and back. There will be a 5 mph speed limit and vehicles must give way to pedestrians. We do ask you to be extra vigilant during this period, particularly with children and dogs.

Construction work will take place from Monday to Friday, in between the hours of 8am and 6pm. The deliveries are limited to between 10am and 4pm and we will be paying particular attention to school hours as the Heath can become busy with school children as they finish for the day.

There are also plenty of places on the Heath which are not affected by the project. From Kite Hill, you should not be disturbed by noise or vehicles. The same goes for Sandy Heath, the South Meadow, West Heath and the Heath extension.

We do ask for patience and understanding while this necessary safety project takes place and we will keep you updated here.

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