Ponds Project Learning Launch

Ponds Project Education Officer, Susie Glover has been busy preparing to launch the education programme which is linked to the Ponds Project. Below she has summarised what the programme is all about and we’ll be hearing lots more from Susie in the future.

Things are hotting up in the Ponds Project Education office as we prepare to launch ourEducation Programme during British Science Week (BSW). We’ve designed a session specifically for this occasion, Science Skills Challenge. As well as providing an introduction to the Ponds Project and the accompanying education programme, this session is pack full of engaging tasks and exciting challenges. Our equipment list is long and unusual, from paper to plasticine, and spaghetti to string. You may even find the odd plastic invertebrate hiding amongst the piles of marshmallows.

Education kit

All of our sessions are practical, engaging and free of charge, the majority being run for Secondary School students. The aim of this programme is not influence opinion, but to take advantage of educational opportunities and encourage respect of open spaces like Hampstead Heath. We offer two secondary sessions that take place on the Heath; Meet the Fleet and Water Watch. These focus on rivers and flooding, and water quality respectively. We will also travel out to schools with our Aqua Architects and Dams Debate sessions. The former being an engineering task where students are challenged to control and direct the flow of water. The latter focuses on the controversial Ponds Project as a case study, with students taking on different roles within the debate.
We are excited to get started with this programme, which will be running for the next two years. We still have availability over the coming months. More details of all our sessions can be found on our website, www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/pondsprojecteducation.

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