Reed netting on Model Boating Pond

Yesterday, environmental mitigation works started at Model Boating Pond. The reed bed at the north-west corner of the pond was surrounded by netting to discourage birds from nesting. This reed bed will be very close to the work compound. There are plenty of other reed habitats close by, for example in Bird Sanctuary pond, where birds will be able to nest without disturbance while the project takes place. Members of the Heath ranger team spent the day in the pond carefully netting off the reeds – a rather cold and wet job. Reed habitats are continually managed on the Heath, as cutting them back allows them to rehabilitate for future growth.

reed bed 1reed bed 2reed bed 3reed bed 4

As part of the Ponds project, Model Boating Pond is to benefit from an increase in marginal planting on the west bank, around the new island and along the upstream face of the new dam. This will provide an increase in habitat for nesting birds and spawning amphibians as well as improving water quality and increasing food sources for fish.

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