Ponds Project – update and programme

Construction works for the Ponds Project will start in April 2015 and will last for 18 months.

In preparation for these works, site clearance work has taken place throughout the month of February. This work included the removal of trees and vegetation from all of the work sites across the Heath. This work was carefully planned to minimise disruption to wildlife and has taken place outwith the bird nesting season. All of the trees which were removed were  monitored beforehand to ensure there were no bats or birds nesting. A full list of the trees removed was made available in the planning application and details were discussed with the Ponds Project Stakeholder Group last year.

Construction works will start at Model Boating Pond in mid-April. The majority of work on the Highgate Chain will take place here and will last until approximately July 2016. More details on the exact nature of work will follow on this blog.

Path diversions will be in place from May and a temporary path will be created in place of the paths to the west of the pond which are to be closed.

Also in May, work will start at Viaduct Pond and will last approximately 8 weeks.

The current programme of works for the project in it’s entirety can be found here: Planning Programme Rev 2 . Please note this is subject to change.

While construction takes place, there will be vehicle movements to and from the work sites. Everything has been done to minimise the number of these movements and also to keep the vehicle sizes as small as possible. To ensure the safety of Heath users, vehicles will always be accompanied by banksmen on the Heath and will travel at a maximum of five miles per hour. Pedestrians will be given right of way and drivers will be instructed to be extra vigilant for dogs as well as people. We apologise for any inconvenience during the Ponds Project.

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